About Us

In the beginning of 1987 MAGH was registered in the State of Texas as a non profit cultural organization and in May 87 it is officially inaugurated by Dr. M Anirudhan, the then President of FOKANA.Since then and till today, MAGH makes a great contribution to our society by giving ample opportunity to our kids to excel in their personal talents, such as dancing, singing, acting and all other artistic adventures. MAGH is celebrating ONAM with Sadya, X’mas/New Year, Republic Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day and other special occasions like annual picnic, that have been very dear to Malayalee community, without any interruption every year. Newsletters are mailed to each and every member families informing them the important upcoming events. For some years MAGH conducted Malayalam language classes in Kerala House for our children. MAGH continues to organize Financial seminars, Leadership conferences, Medical camps, Consular workshops, Talent searches and tournaments for Basket Ball and Volley Ball.

In 1993, the constitution of MAGH was revised and modified as a better document. In 1996 MAGH constituted a Building Committee under the terrific Chairmanship of Mr. George Abraham (a renowned realtor in Houston) which raised enough fund to acquire a property without loan for MAGH in Stafford — our former Kerala House in Present Street. Perhaps this was the first in United States that a Malayalee Secular organization owns a property. In 2005 MAGH adopted few amendments for its constitution, making sure at least two (2) women and a youth will represent our community, in the Board of Directors every year. In 2007, MAGH sold the property in Present Street and bought a bigger property, which is 1415 Packer Ln, Stafford, TX 77477, hence a bigger Kerala House now. Many generous and passionate people in our community deserved credit for that. Any VIPs from Kerala visit Houston, used to visit Kerala House and MAGH has a VIP log book that they can sign on.

MAGH now has more than fifty (50) families as Patron members and about seven hundred fifty (750) families as Life members. Every year a number of people take membership in yearly basis also. Election of the Board of Directors became a very interesting aspect among members nowadays.

Our Vision

The vision of MAGH is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the rich values and traditions of Kerala while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for the Houston Malayalees. MAGH would like to immerse every Malayalee in a celebration of our culture and heritage.

Our Mission

  • To aggressively promote and uphold the culture, heritage and values of Malayalees in and around the Houston area
  • To plan and organize cultural events aimed at improving the social, educational and other humanitarian services of the Malayalee community
  • To foster and enhance the Malayalee community’s longstanding love affair with the Malayalam language
  • To plan and host periodic meetings that allow the members to network, learn and share their personal experiences
  • To increase cross cultural understanding and promote cultural diversity and co-operation
  • To co-operate with similar organizations in their quest for maintaining the heritage of Kerala