About MAGH

How we started

End months of 1986. Few years had already passed after the collapse of Kerala Cultural Association (KCA) in Houston. There was a vacuum of an organization where all Malayalees can come together beyond the religious divisions or denominations. Some people usually comes to the A& M Stores(Indian Groceries) in Alief area were asking each other what they were going to do to show the young generation about Kerala Culture.

Our Vision

The vision of MAGH is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the rich values and traditions of Kerala while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for the Houston Malayalees. MAGH would like to immerse every Malayalee in a celebration of our culture and heritage.

Our Mission

To aggressively promote and uphold the culture, heritage and values of Malayalees in and around the Houston area
To plan and organize cultural events aimed at improving the social, educational and other humanitarian services of the Malayalee community
To foster and enhance the Malayalee community’s longstanding love affair with the Malayalam language

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Facility for Events

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Board of Directors

  • Vinod Vasudevan
  • Joji Joseph
  • Mathew Koottalil (Vavachan)
  • Simon Valacheril
    Vice President
  • Rajesh Varghese
    Joint Secretary
  • Ramesh Athiyodi
    Joint Treasurer
  • Abraham Thomas
    Charity Coordinator
  • Reny Kavalayil
    Program Coordinator
  • Reji John
    Sports Coordinator
  • Roy Chacko Mathew
    Senior Citizen Coordinator
  • Dr.Biju Pillai
  • Shaju Karuthy Thomas
    Membership Coordinator
  • Shiby Roy
    Women's Forum
  • Claramma Mathew
    Women's Forum
  • Suryajith Subhashithan
    Youth Coordinator

Trustee Board Members

  • Joshua George
    Trustee Board Chairman
  • Martin John
    Trustee Board Member
  • Sam Joseph
    Trustee Board Member
  • M G Mathew
    Trustee Board Member
  • John Kunnakkattu
    Trustee Board Member
  • Moncy Kuriakose
    Trustee Board Member